Challenge... I never ever believed I could get any further!

ASK me WHY I am EXCITED all over AGAIN?! Well... no no .. this time no one sent me any books ;)
This time it is an altogether different reason and the reason is is is is is [ Hehhehe! i am so excited ]
I just completed the Orbis Terrarum Challenge and I completed it with in 20th Dec!!

yes yes yes!! YES! Bethany don't you feel GOOD too.... :D
isn't it a GREAT feeling to COMPLETE for ONCE a challenge .. LOL! [ Yah! I am known to start things and never finish them, so this is an accomplishment I wanna celebrate!]
But here is the list -

‘Orbis Terrarum’ stands for ‘The whole world’. The challenge is - over a period of 9 months, from April to December 2008, read 9 books by 9 different authors, from different parts of the world. The reader should write about each of these books on his/her blog. I am, most definitely, game for the challenge. I am taking it up. I have decided to experiment with different kinds of books, some out of my usual sphere of reading.

  1. The kite runner by Khaled Hosseini - Afghanistan
  2. Witch of Portebello by Paulo Coleho – Brazil
  3. Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri - India
  4. I did a Bad Thing By Linda Green - England
  5. The Gathering by Anne Enright - Ireland
  6. The Road to lost Innocence by Somly Mam - Cambodia
  7. The Triumph of Deborah by Eva Etzioni – Halevy - Austria
  8. Like water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel - Mexico
  9. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery - France

YAYAYAYA! COMPLETE all 9 of them... and I can't wait for OT 09, Bethany can we start in Jan LOL! I can't wait!!

PS - Weellll for the celebration, I am goign to bake my FIRST cake LOL! Now I hope that doesn't turn into disaster LOL!
Remember to,


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Beth F said...

A great big congratulations!!!!! Now don't forget to tell us about your cake-baking adventures.

jessi said...

Way to go! :)

Tricia said...

Good for you Veens! I don't think I'm going to make it with this challenge. :(

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! And congratulations!

Dar said...

Congrats Veens-that's so awesome!

Nely said...

Congrats! It always feels so good to complete a challenge. I am culinary-challenged myself so no help from me there. Good luck with the baking. :D

Ramya said...

congratulations!!:) i can totally relate to your excitement!:) i felt the same way when i completed the OT as well:) let us know how the cake came out and add a pic too!:)

Anonymous said...

Beth, Thanks a LOT! .. Sure indeed ;)

Jessi! Thanks!

Tricia.. ohh! dontcha worry - we have OT 2009 to try once more :)

Anonymous said...

Jill.. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Dar.. Thanks Girl.. I feel so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Nely.. sigh.. we are in the same boat.. i m also baking challenged ;)

I will surely post pics ;)

Anonymous said...

Ramya.. u r superb.. u completed.. so so so early :)

thanks.. i will definitely post a pic ;)

bethany said...

YAY!!! Great work! And you only started a couple months ago right? Did you start in September? You are so fast!!!!

It was so fun to have you :) You are a firecracker for sure!

Anonymous said...

Bethany.. Yes.. started in 8th Aug to be precise :)
but i counted a 1 book i had read earlier.. mebbe 2 books :)
If i have time... i will be adding to this list till OT 09 :)

Thank YOU for this challenge! i think this is the one i enjoyed the most :) it was so fun :)

firecracker.. ahahha! I am .. am I not?!



Serena said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge!

Anonymous said...

Serena, Thanks!

Priya Iyer said...

hey, that's gr8! congratulations... i still have 2 more books to go :) hope to finish them on time...

and ya, as the others have already mentioned, do not forget to write about your cake-baking adventures...

Anna said...


Diary of an Eccentric

Anonymous said...

Priya, Thanks :) of course. The post is in editing ;)

Anonymous said...

Anna Thanks :)

Trish said...

Yay Veens! Congrats on finishing this challenge!

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