Winter Reading Challenge

The Winter Reading Challenge runs from December 21st, 2008 through March 20, 2009. There are 13 weeks in Winter and I will probably end up reading one to two books per week. Some of the books may cross over into challenges that begin 2009.
This is going to be a very casual challenge much like the Fall Reading Challenge, so please join me.

The rules are very flexible:

1) Choose any number of books you would like to read and post them on your blog.

2) They can be fiction and/or nonfiction including e-books and audiobooks

3) They can overlap with other challenges.

4) To sign up, click here. (Hosted by My Two Blessings)

This is going to be easy [I Hope!], there are 13 weeks and if I read 2 books a week, I should be able to do 26 books :) BUT! what if I can't??
So here is my list :)

  1. King’s Fool by Margaret Campbell Barnes

  2. Sam’s Quest for the Crimson Crystal by Ben Furman

  3. Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

  4. Jane Eyre - started Reading
  5. Hogfather
  6. Thank You, Jeeves
  7. The Reluctant Fundamentalist
  8. The Healing
  9. The Broker - reading
  10. Sam's Letters to Jennifer
  11. Blood Memory
  12. Mosaic
That should be it :)

Thanks to J Kaye and Beth F, that's where I got my info :)

Remember to,


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Michele at Reader's Respite said...

Veens - I see you'll be reading Jane Eyre....one of my all time favorites!! I hope you review it here on your blog!

violetcrush said...

Thats a great list. I guess you will be able to finish Christmas Carol and Sams letters...pretty quickly. Reluctant fundamentalist??? Well, let us know how it goes. Also, Jane Eyre. I need a strong motivation to start reading it.

lilly said...

I was not supposed to be signing up for more challenges but now I have no choice! Anyway, I read "Blood Memory' and it really is a good book. Greg Iles is one of the best thriller writers today.

Nely said...

I'm in this one as well. It should be an easy one.

Veens said...

Michelle, I am sure I will like it. I am in ti some 50 pages... and I am loving it :)
But as I am reading an eBook.. the going is slow! But mebbe... if I like it enuf.... i will buy myself a copy :)

Veens said...

Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamed?! :) It is supposed to be a very good book.. I picked up for OT 2008 ... he is an acclaimed Pak Writer... but I couldn't start it :) So I am hoping I can do it :)

Jane Eyre is good Violet.. hope u like it oo!

Veens said...

Lilly... every time I vow.. Not to join anymore! But I always end up reading more :D So u know u have a friend here :)
I hope to like Blood Memory...everyone has good things to say about it :)

Veens said...

Nely... I am hoping too! :)

jessi said...

I keep saying I'm not joining anymore challenges, BUT...this one's not really a challenge, is it? It's just reading books I would've read anyway. Might as well go sign up. :)

Veens said...

hehehe! Right Jessi! :) :) :)

Robin of mytwoblessings said...

Hi Veens,

Welcome to the Challenge. Looks like a great list of books. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about them. Have fun reading Jane Eyre.

Robin of mytwoblessings

Beth F said...

Hee, hee! Love it when I'm an enabler! Nice list of books. Can't wait to see your reviews.

S. Krishna said...

I'm going to join this one as well!

J. Kaye Oldner said...

I am so glad you are joining this one too. It's gonna be fun!

Veens said...

Robin, I must say thanks to you; for hosting this awesome challenge :)

Beth! You guys make me join so many more challenges ;)

Krishna, welcome aboard :)

J Kaye, Yep! It is going to be fun!

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