2 International Giveaways you don't wanna MISS :-)

Yep, the very famous and riveting read - Tomato Girl :0)
Who else, but My sweetest Blogger friend Dar is giving Her Own Copy Away :)! Of course it is international giveaway just for ME! OK! You can go enter if you don't already have it ;)!
This Girl Is SO Awesome :) Don't you think?! I think so... I feel so utterly cry baby kinds... when I see such acts of kindness and love :)! I wish I was physically there and could give her a HUG :) ; ok and a bonus Hug for you too :)

As I am blogging about giveaways, 2 of them are going on at Anna's place [ she has some of the most awesome-est Giveaways ] ,

[Click on the covers to go to the Giveaway posts :)]

Some people say, it is easy to make friends :) but I say it is NOT
Definitely difficult, but I am so lucky to have found some of the most best [ sorry about the superlatives ;) that are wrong, right know I just don't care :)] people of the book blogging community :)
It is Christmas time :) and so I would like to Thank You for your soooooper kind Hearts so ready to help me and love me as I am :-) I can't be Lucky Enough :) I am feeling so so so Happy :o)!

I hope you all have the Best-est Christmas time :-) with your loved ones :)
Blogging Community is the Best :-)
Thanks to one and ALL :) And thanks to You for reading this and commenting here! You guys make my day :)
Love you ALL.

PS- Did you notice I have stopped blogging about giveaways :)! I now blog ONLY about the giveaways held by my friends :) [ that is if you get a pathetic comment every time from milady Veens, then you know you are stalked by this girl and she thinks u r really stalking-worthy ;0] ]

Thanks to one and ALL :)


Remember to,


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.


Dar said...

Veens, you're making me blush. I am so happy to have made a friend in you. YOu always cheer me up with your funny and kind words. Veens, you're just a sweetheart.

Thanks for blogging about the contest and I wish you loads of luck cause you deserve it!

S. Krishna said...

Your comments aren't pathetic! I always look forward to them! :-)

Iliana said...

You are so enthusiastic about reading and getting to know people - You rock! :)

Ramya said...

I am amazed at your commenting abilities.. i see a comment from you in every post i decide to comment on.. and i am sure there are many many more blogs that i don't even visit.. how do you manage veens?? it is so awesome!

SSQuo said...

Girl, Its very obvious you are sooo very happy, I did a quick count (yes I did!!)- there are almost 23 smileys/other emoticons in this post. This kind of happiness is transferable, and you did it! Love it. :)

Anonymous said...

I so agree about the blogging community and you are such a huge part. We are blessed to have you!


Michele at Reader's Respite said...

Veens - you always leave the best comments!! I hope you have a grat holiday....wish you were closer and then I'd give you a hug! ;)

Veronica Gray said...

Nothing wrong with spreading the love! :)

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

Veens - I have given you an award and you can pick it up here!

bethany said...

you are incredibly sweet and fun- not pathetic at all!

You are my biggest supporter and I love comments from you.

Thanks for the giveaway information. I have tried and tried to win Nefertiti...haven't ever gotten it yet! ahh.

Serena said...

veens you are too cute. I am holding an international giveaway of Matrimony as well. Here's the link if you are interested:


jessi said...

Veens, you are an amazing friend and I am so glad that we "met" through the Read-a-thon. I always look forward to reading your blog and your comments. :)

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