Review : -Brida ~ The Witch of Portobello ~ Veronika Decides to Die

Paulo Coelho, yet again weaves magic through his words, and leaves me pondering over, all that he has to offer, his words comfort me and take to a para physical world and make me to look over my life and think about everything I have done, every step i have taken... Has it been worth it? But then its not about what happened in the past its about how we make our present and future.

Brida is a tale of unending passion and desires. Passion and desire for Love, for that love we crave for and desire more than anything in the world. Coelho as always, strongly emphasises on Love and breaks the age old fable of Soulmate as the romantics take it. He says a soul mate is what but a person with whom you have shared the same soul, in your past births and nullifies the fact as romanticized to be a beloved. Love rules the world of Brida, still she sets out to find the real meaning of her life which was in Witch crafting (not in all the negative sense, as we take it). Still on being asked, if given an option of choosing her "motive of Life" and "Love", she chooses Love above all. And that would find her ways to get to her soulmate.

The Witch of Portobello, projects the strength of a woman to leave everything behind and follow the path that God has set her for. The attempts made to realise that real meaning and chosing the right path to reach her destination. Coelho, experiments a new style of writing in this book, The book is a set of interview excerpts of people who knew, influenced or were influenced by Athena, the protagonist, as she liked to be called. The plot revolves around How Athena matures physically and mentally in the search of the real meaning of her life. She choses different paths to find that out and finally achieves it with her strong belief and never give up attitude. The society however, as it does to everything that comes up new, thruns her attempt to teach the world - the meaning of life, and at the end her Love for her son takes over her love for that path.

What if you knew how many days you are left with on this earth, and you have to make most of those days, will you be strong enough to forget everything and accept the truth or give up on life. Veronika Decides to Die is one book that make you realise to give life one more chance. Veronika at the peak of her youth, decides to end her life, thinking that nothing has left of it. She takes that step to end it. And is it her good Luck or Bad that, her attempt fails and leaves her under medical surveillance in an asylum, where she has her days numbered, and under such circumstances, is it a sin to desire to live again. A final wish to live again and what if you realise that the love you were searching for all your life has finally come across.

I loved all the three, and hope u'll love them too. All three of them touch different aspects of life and yet touch you the same way. I would just say, Coelho Inspires and touches you while leaving you to think your life over.

Love,emember to,

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.


Anonymous said...

"...weaves magic through his words..." Love how you said that!

иidhi S said...

@ J.Kaye

Thanks :)

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