100 in 1001 DAYS

I am getting big time Envious of you all, who read around 100 books a year and more! And some who read 250 [ read S. Krishna LOL!!]. So, just to feel BETTER for the time being ;) -- I am going to read 100 books in 1001 days :-)! When u say 1001 days, this doesn't really sound too far :) and it gives me a feel-good-feeling [ and that it is 2.7 years, does not need to the remembered :D ]

SO I start on 1st Dec, 2008 to - July 28ish 2011 [ ok don't look at the dates! they are too far :(] i don't even know, where I will be then :( :'( **deep sorrow**
But that's ok - we will anyways try YES!

So thanks 3M, for the challenge :)!!

I will update my list here ok?! :-)

  1. Drinkwater by Eric Hopkins
  2. Jumble Pie by Melanie Lynne Hauser
  3. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  4. The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo by Steig Larsson
  5. Standoff by Sandra Brown
  6. King's Fool by Margaret Campbell Barnes
  7. Sam's Quest for the Crimson Crystal by Ben Furman
  8. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  9. Secret Vampire by L J Smith

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BTT and Me Wishes YOU - Happy Thanksgiving :)

BTT Question on Thanksgiving

So–just for today–how about sharing 7 things that you’re thankful for?
OK I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I am anyways celebrating it being in company of so many wonderful people here who celebrate :) So to you all, one and ALL, HAPPY HAPPY Thanksgiving -- I think all of your Turkey's are yummilicious.. and I wanna turn Non-Veg to just have the privilege of tasting eith y'all!

ok Back to the question, I am thankful for
  1. my freaking, idiotic, not-too-much stressed luxurious NORMAL [ in my own sweet way] life
  2. my family, my boyfriend, my friends and everyone, who are just there for me ;)
  3. not being dead in a terrorist attack. After the terrorist bombing and the most shocking of the terrorist attack of yesterday, I am thankful that no one that I know - my family, friends are hurt and are safe.
  4. lovely home to live and lovely place, my city - Mysore. For having the luxury of going to different parts of my country and knowing the places. For being able to talk and understand different languages- so as to be able to interact :)
  5. my Job.
  6. the belief that I have in me and my family and mu friends
  7. for You, who is reading this- it would have been pretty boring writing this and not being read ;) [You know what I mean .. dontcha? :D ]
For life and it's numerous gifts, for air to breath, for clean water to drink, for love and for me ... I am thankful to God Almighty. For a chance to thank HIM, I thank HIM everyday :)

Happy Thanksgiving :)
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The Lady's Murder - A Graphic Story by Eliza Frye

Narrative Magazine usually sends short stories to read to my Inbox, but I was pleasantly surprised to see

A Graphic Story by Eliza Frye

Yep, a graphic story. And I loved it !
5 on 5 :)
Lovely, awesome, beautiful illustrations with a lovely suspense story. Very Entertaining and a very quick read[ just 34 pages of illustrations :)]

Want a break? Read this!

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Review: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

The God of Small things by Arundhati Roy is the 1997 Man Booker Prize Winner. I have taken so long to finish this book, and I would WANT to say I hate this book~! But I think I like it :)

From the Blurb -

In her first novel, award-winning Indian screenwriter Arundhati Roy conjures a whoosh of wordplay that rises from the pages like a brilliant jazz improvisation. The God of Small Things is nominally the story of young twins Rahel and Estha and the rest of their family, but the book feels like a million stories spinning out indefinitely; it is the product of a genius child-mind that takes everything in and transforms it in alchemy of poetry. The God of Small Things is at once exotic and familiar to the Western reader, written in English that's completely new and invigorated by the Asian Indian influences of culture and language.

I wouldn't say this tale is a simple one for a normal reader like me! But it definitely is an sophisticated novel, which requires a lot of effort from the reader! The way story weaves around past and present of Estha and Rahel [the twins] is fantastic, it is an effortless effort [:)]
I felt sad for Velayutha , his love for Ammu was so heart-warming, and his love for Estha and Rahel was so amazing! The characterization is flawless, and their flaws remind you that this book is written on very real people. I felt sad when Rahel always remembered, that she was loved a little less. And I can remember, feeling the same when I was a kid [:)] though in very different circumstances. The prose is beautiful! There are some that you want to sit and re-read and capture their meaning again and again!

It is after all so easy to shatter a story. To break a chain of thought. To ruin a fragment of a dream being carried around carefully like a piece of porcelain.

To let it be, and to travel with it, as Velutha did, is much the harder thing to do!

[Page 190]

You would understand this prose better when you read the chain of events, but still this prose has a life of its own, I felt it true for me!

If he touched her, he couldn't talk to her, if he loved her he couldn't leave, if he spoke he couldn't listen, if he fought he couldn't win.
[Page 330]

I also liked the way Rahel and Estha, became comrades and such imaginary stuff! It is so original! The way Rahel kills the red ants, and how Sophie Mol, tells her to leave one so that it can feel “lonely”. I like the way there are so many delicate storied weaved and how effortlessly we come back to the original story of Estha and Rahel, that we don’t get lost in them!

No doubt this book is a master piece, but my only problem was that it didn’t hold my attention for a long time, which took me longer than usual to reach the ending point! The ending according to me is perfect, there was no other place for Rahel and Estha, except for each other. I hated Baby Kochamma with a passion, that no other character has generated in me for a long time now. The last chapter is beautiful, every sentence is knit with an expertise that I don't think I have read in a long time. The emotions are so raw, and the feelings are audible and it is plain breath-taking.

And another fun thing, that relates me to this book-

- my native place [ where I was born] is in Kottayam [ the big city mentioned in this book]

- my pet-name is Ammu [ in this the mother of Estha and Rahel]

- and my Dad calls me Ammukutty [ the way Ammu is called in this book by Velutha ]

So these are the reasons why this book is all the more special!

- It was the book for October at Book Blogs[travel the world (from a comfy chair)], though I am finishing it in Nov [sorry!]

- My 2nd book from the Man Booker List

- My book for the 1% Reading challenge!

- My book for the A-Z challenge as well!

Although this is a very sad novel, I would say I felt good after the ending was over. There were no questions left unanswered... there was no story left half-heartedly told.

Even though it is a beautiful book, I reiterate the problem I had was to concentrate on it. Though I must admit, that I got really interested in the book when I had reached half-way through it.

I give it a 4 on 5 [ coz it is not a fast read]

Nalle? [ means see you tommorrow here? ]

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Randomely Random- 7 things

Ramya @ Ramya's Bookshelf tagged me for the book edition of the seven random facts meme. Here are seven totally random facts about me and books.
Click here to read her "absolutely" lovely list of 7 random things :)

So here we go

  1. When I was a kid, after an year at school, we got a month's holiday and in those holiday's me and my family went to visit my granny and grandpa and other relatives in Kerala, India :)! It was a 3 day long train trip, which I used to just LOVE... why, you ask?! Because daddy, would buy me loads of Tinkle, Archie and such books for the trip. And I would read, read and read :) That's where it all started ;)
  2. I never give away my books for keepsakes :)!! I always - always demand my books back from my friends back LOL! The only exception is the book "Matrimony by Joshua Henkin" that I gifted to Priya, [as she couldn't find a copy anywhere] as a matrimony gift.
  3. When I was a kid, I was the only girl in my class, who had read almost all books in my school library for my age kids :) My library card had no space to jot down the books that I took on a daily basis :) I used to read Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton, Famous Five, Secret Seven .. and what not :) Loved those books :)
  4. I love Harry Potter series :) Bot I only own Half blood Prince :) I read the first part at my home-town, without really knowing what it was. But I got pretty addicted to it really soon. And within a week had read the 1st 3 books. My cousin has them all. And I have only one :( ! someday I will have all 7 :) !! And I have not YET read the last book in the series :(
  5. [This one is a copy from Ramya] I don't like audio books :) and I very-rarely read e-books :) I have some old books in pdf version, which I have started but not yet completed. I will always prefer the books :)!! I know about the "cutting-of-the-trees" thing, but you can always use paper made from other stuff also.
  6. I love buying books as gifts :) and i lvoe receiving them as gifts LOL! Now this is evident right? ") !! and I love to OWN every book I read. Every "damn" book I love, I should OWN :)
  7. Last one... umm! It is my dream to have the luxury of reading whatever and whenever I want :) I want to be a "house-wife" for that reason [and many others :)] ! I want someday to have a lovely library, with responsible people reading books taken from MY library :) !! I hate people who destroy MY books LOL!
  8. OK this is a bonus one -- which I HAD to tell you :) My beau, hates reading LOL! But he is sucha sweetheart, that he buys me whatever books I want ;) [ whenever I go short on ym funds :) :D]
Now to TAG! I know most of my bookblog friends have done this me-me already :) If anyone of ou have NOT done it, please consider yourself TAGGED [ YES! You are TAGGED] and please let me know if you do, do it :)


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Book Suggestions

Hi all!

I am back after a long time, and tell you the truth, this past weekend i haven't read any book. god man it feels so strange. but yes i indulged myself into my second most loved hobby, i.e, sleeping.

Well.. the real truth is, i spent total 2 hrs in the book cafe last Saturday (as it is when i buy books, every saturday), and couldn't make myself to decide which one to chose. After reading so much of Paulo Coelho, i thought of giving the remaining, a rest (I have resolved to read and all all of Paulo Coelho's works, by the end of this year.).

Of Course I Love You, by Durjoy Datta, did come as a breather, and yes that reminds me, Veena and I have been planning to host a giveaway of this book soon...

Please, please I ask for book suggestions from all of you, I cant even decide the genre i want to read :( . Please help me.


I am a WORM!

So I got awarded by this bookworm Award, thanks Gautami :-) and thanks S. Krishna [ I love her name! That's my FAV God in her name ;) ] and also Priya
It's my first AWARD on this blog - so everyone please congratulate me :D

Of course this award comes with a MEME too :D And that's again my FIRST MEME! LOL! this is a post of "firsts" innit ??
This is what you got to do -

Open the closest book to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following.

"All that remains is to fix the times. I suppose lunch will be over by two-thirty......Incidentally I'm not going into lunch myself".
"No, Sir?"
"No, I can't face that gang, I shall remain out there. Bring me some sandwiches and a half bot of the best."
"Very good, Sir."

ok, Now I thought I would do a quiz here! :D Yah !!

I want you guys to GUESS which book this is from :-) [ No! it is not on the right hand side bar :D]
Hints -
* this book is in the 1001 list of books to read before you die!
* it is a very fun, funny and lovely book :)
* the author's name [ not initials] starts with 'W'
* my fav character's name from this book starts with 'J'

That's it! Now let's start the guessing game! :)

Let's see how many of you have read this book :)

***** UPDATE ******

And here is the ANSWER to this QUIZ!
Wodehouse PG is the Author - Damn cool guy! OMG! I can't keep the smile off my face, when I read the conversation between him and Jeeves!
And YES!! Jeeves is my favorite character :)

I will definitely pick up all other titles of this great great author! and Yes definitely time to announce the winner ... oops sorry - Winners -
Both of them are my real - cool - fabulous Friends :)

Congruuaatttsss to you too, of course there are NO gifts! :D Sorry about that ;)

Now, you can tell me, if you guys have read this? If not, read it! I swear you will enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it!


I'm evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they're letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I'll let you know what I think once I've had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it's still free.


You can win Broad Street by Christine Weiser!!

I can't thank certain people enough, and one of them is Dar! This is 2nd time, she is doing a giveaway -- and she is doing it for international entrants [ me me me!!!] :) I am so so TOUCHED! She is one of the "awesome-est " people on blogs-ville! Love you Dar!

And now for the contest - SILLY ME - I forgot to mention it ;)
There are 2 copies of Broad Street by Christine Weiser [Read Dar's review of it HERE] ! And for you to win it - go and comment on Dar's blog :)

For an extra chance Answer the below question - which i like a very interesting one --

If you've ever had a dream of doing something different with your life-like starting a band for example.

My Answer

I don't really know - I will be honest - I wanted to be a dancer :D :D and I never ended being a dancer! :D ;o)
then I thought I should be a singer :(

but ironically I am now a computer professional working for an EDD company :D

I am but really very happy to be in great company ;)
-my sis- learns music :D ;)
-my beau plays and sings
-and my beau's aunt is a professional singer! and I enjoy that! it makes up for me not being anything! :D

I dance... well i don't have an audience-- but me myself :D

Thanks Dar!

Love YA! :D



Books on Thursday... and I BUY!

I’ve asked, in the past, about whether you more often buy your books, or get them from libraries. What I want to know today, is, WHY BUY?

Well! I buy all my books :-)
I am addicted to them and seeing them adorning my book-shelf[ i don't have any lol) gives me a HIGH! I took to reading this September, after stopping it Years ago! And hence the name of the blog :) and since then, all of the books I have read[ except 2] I have bought with my hard earned money ...lol!
I know it is crazy :) But I can't help it! Talk about addiction :) And I love it!

I ofcourse 'lend' my books out to friends too! But seldom get it back, but that's alright :D


Short Story Review 7: Narcissa by Hilary Mantle

Before going in for a review of this tale, Guardian.co.uk tells you this [be warned!]

Once upon a time ...

... there were frog princes, ugly sisters and dark, moral messages. And now? We challenged three writers to come up with fairy tales fit for the 21st century

I read Narcissa by Hilary Mantle because I read a review of this short story by Gautami at her blog Short Story Reviews! Gautami reviews all kind of short-stories, and you will be amazed at the weirdness of her selection. And that's most definitely the reason I read her reviews :)

And this fairy-tale was no exception. You will feel as if I am copying Gautami's review [ I am really sorry! ] but you will be amazed at the starting of this story -
In the days when all the priests were dead, and most people walked around with their heads tucked under their arms for safety's sake, there was a princess for whom nothing was ever good enough
It is totally a weird story, but once you are done with it, and really start thinking about it; you will know that it is much more than that. In the no-named princess, I see me... and I am sure you will see you! You see the face you want to see in the mirror of your life and seldom see the real you! In all the faces you put up, you forget to look for your own soul, which is trapped somewhere inside a cupboard, the key to which is also inside you. And recogonizing it ourself forms the crux of our own life stories.

It is pretty philosophical, yet so true!

Read Gautami's review


Short Story Review 6: Outside Elko by Porter Fox

Outside Elko by Porter Fox is the Story of the Week at Narratives Magazine.
I have not read any short stories, this month and felt really sad not doing it, and this one appealed to me too, and thus I went ahead and read it.

Outside Elko starts off with a very casual conversation between 2 friends Bill and Ted. The conversation between the two was something that was really nice. One liners and sometimes one word answers, just like me and my best-friend would talk if there was something wrong.

It is just a day that's sketched in this very short short-story, but it is interesting how it teached us the very important lessons of one life,

Time and Tide waits for no one.
It has a very sad ending. I would like to tell you more about the 2 of them and more about the story, but I would like you to read and see, as I don't want to take away the freshness of knowing nothing and liking it. But for the most part of it, you are aware in a very strange way of the sadness thats going to engulf you.

But still the ending is somewhat different.
I know I am sounding so confusing, but it is, trust me like that!

I will give it a 3 on 5.


Well... here I AM! all teary-eyed :D looking like a MONSTER !

Check out the PICS and make a GUESS!

AHHHAAA!! Veens got this AWESOME bookmark from Jill [aka SoftDrink ] for participating in the Read-a-thon!!!!

She mailed it to me from California, with a beatiful CARD :) I am so so so TOUCHED.

I had actually asked Jill, if it was too costly to send a bookmark to me... she could send it to someone who participated in Read-a-thon!! But she was so sweet, she send it to ME! I feel so GOOD! TOP OF THE WORLD kinds!

Thanks Jill, you were the best Cheer-leader... and I am so so so Glad, that I did participate in the read-a- thon.


I will also take this opportunity to thank DEWEY, for organizing the Read-a-thon :-)
I won a guest-post at her BLOG :) but I didn't redeem it :) I felt not at all good-enough to be there, on her blog :) !
And I also won a copy of Dewey's book :-D ! That I am soooooper-excited about! I want I want!!!


Because of Read-a-thon, I have really found some COOL logs- and you can see me there more often than on my OWN blog :D !!



  • All bloggers who come and comment on my blog :) !! It is absolutely SWEET of you guys to do that.
  • Special MENTION are not ALLOWED lol! But you know Veens :D ! Thanks Bethany - you WERE the FIRST I found through Book Blogs :)! You know how much I love BOTH of your blogs :)
  • Special Thanks to J Kaye, I never formally thanked you for putting my blog in the lime-light; and for being so sweet to comment here :)
  • You can see the BLOGs I absolutely never miss to see - on the left-hand side here :D
  • Thanks to Alea and Dar - you guys gave me my moments of unprecendeted exaggerated pleasure of winning :D I think my lady luck has drained after that, I didn't win anything :'( ... but I am so happy for winning twice!
  • Thanks to Gautami, for being the REASON why I am here...blogging about books. And again to be so so so sweet to offer me to have any number of books from her :) You don't get such sweet people on planet earth do u?!
And thanks to each of you who keep international giveaways :D keeping ME in mind :) !!

I thank God almighty for making me Give reading a Chance :-)

I truly, whole-heartedly OWE each one of you LOADS! and I can re-pay you ALL with only this SMALL thank you note :)

Thanks Jill! I am so so so TOUCHED!

Thanks to each one of you for making my DAY!

and thanks to Nidhi, my freind ... my sister [ not in blood but in life ] for just being there on this blog wth me! :)


The challenge is simple: to read or listen to (because audiobooks are a great format for these books) each of the six Outlander books in publication order prior to the release of An Echo in the Bone. SIGN UP HERE

  • Outlander (also known under the title Crosstitch for our friends across the pond)
  • Dragonfly in Amber
  • Voyager
  • Drums of Autumn
  • The Fiery Cross
  • A Breath of Snow and Ashes
Thanks to Michele @ The Reader's Respite for this challenge!

[Click on the Image above to goto the challenge post of mine]
[Click on the Image above to goto the challenge post of mine]

[Click on the pic above to goto challenge post]

Click here for the main page.
*The challenge runs from January 1 to March 31. (No cheating and starting before!)
* You must read three books. After that, it's up to you how much you want to read.
* The books must: have a food name in the title OR be about cooking/eating OR have a place name in the title OR be about one (or more) person's travel experience OR be about a specific culture OR be by an author whose ethnicity is other than your own (see, I squeezed it in!)
I'll leave it up to you to choose how the three books you read fit the criteria.
* They must be middle-grade on up, but can be either fiction or non-fiction.

  1. Half of a Yellow Sun

Click here for the main page.
* Anyone can join. You don't need a blog to participate.
* Read 12 Young Adult novels. You may list your chosen books any time during the year. Change the list if needed.
* Challenge begins January thru December, 2009.
* You can join anytime between now and December 31, 2009.

My list:
  1. Just Listen - Sarah Dessen
  2. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

There is no 'official' start/end date set by the host.
The goal in establishing this challenge is simple: I want to read as many Heyer novels as I can.
My list -

War Through the Generation CHallenge's very first reading challenge will be World War II. The challenge will run from January 1, 2009, to December 31, 2009.
Read at least five books throughout the year.
I am sure I will read two- [ and I will add up as and when I get books :) ]
  1. Atonement by Ian McEwan
  2. The Remains of the Day by Kauzo Ishiguro
  3. The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje
  4. Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky
  5. Ha’penny by Jo Walton
  6. Farthing by Jo Walton

9 Books for 2009

Yet another challenge I am joining, this is to help me be done with my TBR ;)


  • Open to anyone, whether you have a blog or not!
  • No need to register or to announce what you are going to read.
  • Start in any category that you wish.
  • 3 books from this reading challenge can be used in other reading challenges.
  • Just post in the comment section.
  • The genre of the books can be ANYTHING (fiction or non-fiction), but it must be decent (because you have to write reviews about the books).
  • Other reading materials (graphic novels, poetry, museum catalogs, art books, zines etc.) are OK.
  • The book must already be in your bookcase or storage area.
  • The Challenge starts 12/27/08 to 12/27/09. (I hate to begin anything on January 1st).
  • You can post starting on 12/27/08.
  • Format of work can be paper, audio, or electronic.

These are the NINE categories to celebrate 2009! See the above tabs for details. (

To post, please click one of the tabs for the specific category and place your review JUST in that category, not on any of the 4 pages on the front of this blog.

  1. Long
  2. Free
  3. Dusty
  4. Used
  5. Letter
  6. Strange
  7. Distance
  8. Alive or Not
  9. Cover

Read 12 books by authors that you have only read once. It doesn't have to be a series. Well Thanks JKaye! I am doing this one too!
My list - [ this will be changed :)]
  1. Thousand Splendid Sons - Khaled Hosseini
  2. Sarah Dessen [ I will tell u which book later on ]
  3. Paulo Coelho [ I will tell u which book later on ]
  4. Dan Brown
  5. no
  6. no
  7. no
  8. no
  9. no
  10. no
  11. no


I read "Like Water for Chocolate" and fell in Love with Latin American Lit :)
So I have joined this fun challenge!
This challenge will run for 4 months, between the 1st January - 30th April 2009. Read 4 books of Latin American Lit... Read more about this challenge here

A very SIMPLE challenge, read and review EACH book you read in 2009, which anyways we will be doing right?! Join this challenge.


Rules of this challenge: * Read SIX (6) different (one from list above to total six) sub-genres of thrillers in 2008. * Read SIX (6) different (one from the list above to total six) sub-genres of thrillers in 2009. Come Join US
  1. The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (Crime Thriller)
  2. Standoff by Sandra Brown


As I really got one of her books on recommendation from someone [ I don't remember now :(] I thought I might as well do this challenge :) It begins January 1, 2009, and goes through December 31, 2009. The goal of this challenge is to read TWO of her books. (Audio books are welcome.)
  • Just Listen By Sarah Dessen
is in my TBR list. I will update the next book I get here. Come Join US

I have not signed up for this challenge yet .. I am going to do it in sicrit :D LOL! Because I am not sure if I will be able to complete it :) But if you would like to JOIN, click here

OK I went ahead, and joined this challenge! It officially starts on Jan 1st, 2009 :) and well I say I will read 26 Titles. And You will see this segment updated :-)!
  • Titles
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E
  6. F
  7. G
  8. H
  9. I
  10. J
  11. K
  12. L
  13. M
  14. N
  15. O
  16. P
  17. Q
  18. R
  19. S
  20. T
  21. U
  22. V
  23. W
  24. X
  25. Y
  26. Z

Read 100 short Stories - no deadline as such. Come Join US!


From Nov,2008 to Nov, 2009 .. I am also going to do the 1% challenge!
I will update my list here [See the 1001 LIST here][A newer list is here!]-
  1. God of Small Things - completed [ my thoughts ]
  2. Like Water for chocolate - completed [ my thoughts ]
  3. The Little Prince - Completed [ my thoughts]
  4. The Christmas Carol - Completed
  5. Jane Eyre - Reading
  6. Things Fall Apart
  7. Thank You, Jeeves
  8. Family Matters
  9. Memoirs of a Geisha
  10. Persuasion
  11. Metamorphosis
  12. Silas Mariner
  13. Atonement


I am signing up for the What’s in a Name Challenge 2, hosted by Annie.
Dates: January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009
The challenge is to read one book from each of the following categories:
  1. A book with a “profession” in its title. Examples might include: The Book Thief, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Historian
  2. A book with a “time of day” in its title. Examples might include: Twilight, Four Past Midnight, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
  3. A book with a “relative” in its title. Examples might include: Eight Cousins, My Father’s Dragon, The Daughter of Time
  4. A book with a “body part” in its title. Examples might include: The Bluest Eye, Bag of Bones, The Heart of Darkness
  5. A book with a “building” in its title. Examples might include: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Little House on the Prairie, The Looming Tower
  6. A book with a “medical condition” in its title. Examples might include: Insomnia, Coma, The Plague

I think it sounds like fun! I’ll fill in my list as I go.

  1. Profession:
  2. Time of Day: Night by Elie Wiesel
  3. Relative: Daughter's of Fortune by Isabel Allende
  4. Body Part: The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison
  5. Building: House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende
  6. Medical Condition:

Choose at least 5 novels read them between Jan 1st though Dec 31st 2009. You can change your choices at any time. Crossovers between other challenges are fine.
Read them at your own pace in 2009 then come here and post the link to your review(s).
Link your "RRC" choices here with any of these graphics:

1. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
2. True Believer by Nicholas Spark
3. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Apart from this I want to also read MINIMUM 25 books in 2009 :-). This next challenge I have not signed up yet, as I am not sure, if I will be able to complete it! :)

  1. Read 10 award winners from August 1, 2008 through June 1, 2009.

  2. You must have at least FIVE different awards in your ten titles.

  3. Overlaps with other challenges are permitted.

  4. You don't have to post your choices right away, and your list can change at any time.

  5. 'Award winners' is loosely defined; make the challenge fit your needs, keeping in mind Rule #2.
  6. ENJOY!
So My list so far -

1) The Kite Runner - 16th AUGUST - [my thoughts]
Book Sense Bestseller List Sensation
Boeke Prize
Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers Award
ALA Notable Book
Alex Award
Borders Original Voices Award 2003
Entertainment Weekly's Best Book 2003
San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the Year 2003
Literature to Life Award

2) Unaccustomed Earth - 6th September - [my thoughts]
Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award
3) The Gathering - 2nd October - [my thoughts]
4) The God of Small Things - [my thoughts]
Man Booker Prize

5) Half of a Yellow Sun
2007 Orange Prize
6) Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
Margaret Wong Memorial Prize, a major literary award.
7) The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

And don't forget to have fun while reading!

Random Books from my TBR pile

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