Short Story Review 7: Narcissa by Hilary Mantle

Before going in for a review of this tale, Guardian.co.uk tells you this [be warned!]

Once upon a time ...

... there were frog princes, ugly sisters and dark, moral messages. And now? We challenged three writers to come up with fairy tales fit for the 21st century

I read Narcissa by Hilary Mantle because I read a review of this short story by Gautami at her blog Short Story Reviews! Gautami reviews all kind of short-stories, and you will be amazed at the weirdness of her selection. And that's most definitely the reason I read her reviews :)

And this fairy-tale was no exception. You will feel as if I am copying Gautami's review [ I am really sorry! ] but you will be amazed at the starting of this story -
In the days when all the priests were dead, and most people walked around with their heads tucked under their arms for safety's sake, there was a princess for whom nothing was ever good enough
It is totally a weird story, but once you are done with it, and really start thinking about it; you will know that it is much more than that. In the no-named princess, I see me... and I am sure you will see you! You see the face you want to see in the mirror of your life and seldom see the real you! In all the faces you put up, you forget to look for your own soul, which is trapped somewhere inside a cupboard, the key to which is also inside you. And recogonizing it ourself forms the crux of our own life stories.

It is pretty philosophical, yet so true!

Read Gautami's review


Anonymous said...

That's neat about you and Gautami, who is another awesome blogger. Do you two share the same taste in books?

Anonymous said...

Well I will have to try it out! I don't know if we share the same taste :-)

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

Veens - I am so glad you are reviewing short stories! (I love short stories!!) I put your blog in my feed reader so now I won't miss a post. I love your blog - it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michele!!

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