You can win Broad Street by Christine Weiser!!

I can't thank certain people enough, and one of them is Dar! This is 2nd time, she is doing a giveaway -- and she is doing it for international entrants [ me me me!!!] :) I am so so TOUCHED! She is one of the "awesome-est " people on blogs-ville! Love you Dar!

And now for the contest - SILLY ME - I forgot to mention it ;)
There are 2 copies of Broad Street by Christine Weiser [Read Dar's review of it HERE] ! And for you to win it - go and comment on Dar's blog :)

For an extra chance Answer the below question - which i like a very interesting one --

If you've ever had a dream of doing something different with your life-like starting a band for example.

My Answer

I don't really know - I will be honest - I wanted to be a dancer :D :D and I never ended being a dancer! :D ;o)
then I thought I should be a singer :(

but ironically I am now a computer professional working for an EDD company :D

I am but really very happy to be in great company ;)
-my sis- learns music :D ;)
-my beau plays and sings
-and my beau's aunt is a professional singer! and I enjoy that! it makes up for me not being anything! :D

I dance... well i don't have an audience-- but me myself :D

Thanks Dar!

Love YA! :D



Trish said...

LOL--I love that you dance even when you don't have an audience. I do, too. I would love to sing AND dance--on Broadway. :) In real life, though, I'll just pretend in my car listening to the musicals when I'm by myself. :P

What a talented family you have!!

Anonymous said...

Trish :)) Yah! Thats the spirit of dancing :) :)
I pretend too :) I dance! on songs - imitate the dancers and terribly fail in that and then devide my own steps LOL! i m so freaking silly sometimes :) :D

Yep- the family is nice and talented :D and it gives me creeps ;) ;)

But they all r really cool people... so i really do enjoy their company :)
they never make me feel the odd one out kinds :))

Trish said...

Veens- you crack me up!! It is great to be "so freaking silly." I can be a little reserved when I don't know people, but we would get along great together--I love being silly!!

Dar said...

Veens, you just have a way of brightening everybody's day. I love how you're always so cheerful and you always make me smile or laugh so thank you.

Thanks for posting about the giveaway. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more! Dar is an awesome person just like you are.

Anonymous said...

Trish-- sorry for the late reply :D
I just came online after that!
hahah! I am not like that! I kinda get along almost with everyone and you will end up thinking that I am weird :D

I am sure we will get along well!! I want that to happen :)

YAY! it is fun to be silly sometimes! I takes away the burden of being serious and responsible at times!

Anonymous said...

Dar! Thanks TO YOU! :) You made my DAY! :)
You know the love and aura one sends it is reflected back in multitudes! You are so nice and warm person -- which I love -- and you in turn get all my love and warmth :))

Yah! I need all the good luck :D

Anonymous said...

J Kaye you are right about Dar :) and I am so happy to hear you think the same about me!

You are such a nice person too! Awesome!
Thanks Girl!

Dar said...

Ok you guys are making me blush already. lol. You are all wonderful. I've been blessed with all the wonderful people I've met in the blogging world.

Anonymous said...

AWW! Dar! :-) Soooo cute! :) Hope you have a good day :)

gautami tripathy said...

Now come collect your award/meme!


Serena said...

Wow what a great answer to the question Veens. Congrats on your win. We'll have to compare notes.

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