Kite Runner

I must say this is by far the BEST novel I have read. I cried while reading this book, I sswear, I don't understand, but somewhere I identified with Aamir.
I have done that to, I have let the demons in my win, and left the courage to come out and fight the situation, let it pass!
To deal with your demons and to live with the knowledge that they live in you all the time, is a very difficult thing indeed.
This book gave me a new perspective to life, a new way of looking at it. And I am glad, that I read it!
For you a thousand times over, Hassan had said
For you a thousand times over, Amir said
For you a thousand times over, I say!
This was also a book I was reading for Orbis Terrarum Challenge :)


d SINNER!!! said...

Well, yeah

Somehow I liked his other book more then this one.

And when it comes to Kite Runner i find the movie a better version.

remember when Amir comes to Hassan and narrates a story, Hassan asks him why the man in the story had to be sad to cry...couldn't he have smelled an onion :)

Anonymous said...

ohh really?!
Are you talking about A thousand Splendid Suns?!

I am thinking about downloading the movie! :)

Yes, I remember that line. It is simple, sensible and really reminds me how we complicate such simple things in life. nay?!


Solitaire said...

I cried a lot too. I also skipped some pages that I thought I would not be able to bear due to the pain portrayed in them.

Bhai with Chai said...

I felt weird reading it, din't cry though.
Don't know why, but didn't love it as much as I expected I would.
Maybe expectations killed it or what.. dunno!

But such books, I make it a point to pick up again.. to actually see what and how I feel about them!

Đžidhi S said...

I cnt write all d emotions taht went thru me while reading this one...but yeah i cried and i knw i'll cry everytime i read it. and yes
"For you a Hundred Times Over" everytime this line came the emotions are unstoppable and the point i really felt tears falling down was when Amir is reading Hassans letter, Hassan who was w8ing for him to reply on his letter.

and yes there is always a way to be good again. **sniff**sniff**

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