Dewey, you will be missed

"Birth, life, and death -- each took place on the hidden side of a leaf." Toni Morrison

Thanks Dewey, I was never a friend, but you know I loved it at your place…. and the read-a-thon - was the first of my interactions with u.
Wherever u are, I hope you don’t have pain anymore.. that you bless us all from up above.
And take care of yourself there, and yah read books.

Remember to,



Anna said...

Dewey definitely will be missed! May she rest in peace.

Diary of an Eccentric

Joanne said...

So sad, Dewey will be missed but never forgotten.

Serena said...

I imagine her at peace in a room full of books, free from pain, and many hours in her day to continue reading.

bethany said...

I have something for you!! I asked the little, brown publicist to send the Lost and Found book to me so that I could send you a copy :) Could you email me your address? I won't be able to get it off immediately (as this is an insanely busy month) but I will get it sent soon.

to email me go to my blog and click on the 'email me' button right under my header.

PS, where did you get your wonderful background!?! I really want something like that!

Random Books from my TBR pile

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