Dear Santa,

I don't know why I never got around writing a letter to you. Well, thanks to Jill, now I am! :)! SO I hope, you let Jill have all her wishes, as you are getting my first letter :)

I have been feeling blessed this year :)
It is an year, I will NEVER in my life forget :)

I got to book blogging this year, and you know what Santa; it was such a fun thing to do! So yep, I want you to let me have more books ok?! And of course, make my reading a little more faster and a tiny bit more time for reading would be great too!

I got to meet my fiance this year! And we are now happily engaged to be married on Jan 1st 2009! Yes, I am Santa... so I want you to bless him with all the patience that he needs to put up with me... h is doing a good Job! but I am afraid the patience might wear off :D :D

And yep, I want you to also gift me the special ability to make our lives together awesome ;)
And for all of my friends and family, i want you to grant them..whatever they wish for Most!
I know it is a taxing work for you :) but you know I believe, u can do it :)
Do u think traveling to India will be too much for your reindeers :) ... I will have refreshments ready for you all! :)

And yes, in all this gift-giving.. I will want you, to have what YOU wish for too :)

A lovely Christmas to you my dear lovable Santa... Love you :)
PS- this coming year.. please knock some sense into my dog V too :) that would be icing on the cake ;)

With loads of love,

Have you written your letter to Santa? I need the link :)
And you can enter to win by writing a letter at Jill's place :) :)

Remember to,


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.


Priya Iyer said...

wow! u really have had a blessed year! it has been an eventful year for me too... :)

this sounds like a fun thing to do.. planning to take it up! :)

Beth F said...

Let me add my good thoughts and best wishes on your upcoming wedding!! Congratulations. How exciting!!!!

Nely said...

OMG you are getting hitched in about 2 weeks. HOW EXCITING! Congrats and best wishes for a wonderful new year. <3

Tricia said...

Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Sounds like a great year!

Anonymous said...

Priya :) Thanks :) I want u to do it :) it is really fun :)

Anonymous said...

Beth! It is it is! exciting.. eventful and ALL! Thanks! Pray for me :)

Anonymous said...

Nely... nooooo in 8 days :D :D ! I am getting hitched in 8 days :)
Thanks Girl! Remember me in your prayers :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tricia! Remember me in your prayers :)

Serena said...

I'm sure your fiance doesn't need any help with patience...you seem pretty easy to get along with. :)

I hope you get all your wishes. have a great holiday.

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

I love it - knock some sense into the dog, bwahahahaha! That's too funny!

jessi said...

I didn't know you were getting married! Congrats, girl - that's awesome! :) I hope Santa brings you everything you wished for.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I didn't know you were getting married so soon! Congratulations!!

I think Santa is up for a trip to India. :-D

Thanks for joining my silly contest!

Jo-Jo said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I hope you get some books for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Serena... Thanks a Lot :) But sometimes... I am one of those really hard/bad people :)
Thanks :)

Michelle! hehhehe! Yah! :) :) :)

Jessi! Thanks! I hope he brings it for you too!

Anonymous said...

Softdrink, thanks! of course... and I am up making refreshments for him ;)
no thanks ... I am really happy I did this.. it is so fun!!

Anonymous said...

Jo-Jo! Thanks :) :) I hope that too!

Nicole said...

Oh wow. How exciting! Congratulations Veens. It's a good thing I come by and catch up on all your posts or I would have missed this.

Ramya said...

you are getting married in 8 days? what are you doing still blogging and commenting in other blogs?? don't you have any shopping to do??:) congratulations and all the best for a super happy married life!:) do share wedding pics with us!

Meryl said...

OMG--that wedding is really soon!


Anonymous said...

Nicole :) Thanks on coming here.. and for the wishes!

Ramya! :) :) :) the bride is really away right now from the place of marriage :D so well...so well... i iwll be off on 29th and so thought i will catch with y'all till then!
thanks a lot for wishes!

Meryl... OMG! it is :) :)
thanks Girl!

Dar said...

Veens, great letter. Again, many blessings for your marriage. Love the part where you want Santa to knock some sense into your dog-maybe he'll visit Buddy for the same. lol.

Anna said...

I'm so sorry I'm so far behind in blogs, my dear Veens. I hope you had a beautiful wedding! Congrats!

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