Yep, you read it right!! Veens birthday is tomorrow, yep 2nd Dec, 2008 ;)!!
Yep you can pile up your wishes :)) and as my Birthday gift Joshua Henkin has agreed to let me giveaway a copy of the New York Times Notable Book of the Year MATRIMONY.
Yep ... Yep .. Yep.

Description [ if you don't already know it :) ]

It is 1987, and Julian Wainwright, aspiring writer and Waspy son of New York City old money, meets beautiful, Jewish Mia Mendelsohn in the laundry room at Graymont College. So begins a love affair that, spurred on by family tragedy, will take Julian and Mia across the country and back, through several college towns, spanning twenty years.

You can read my Review of Matrimony here, which I won at Alea's Pop Culture Junkie :)!!

You can read more about the book and the author at Joshua's Website
Around the past few month's many of my blogger friends have read and reviewed Matrimony, here are a few I could dig out :)
Alea [ Pop Culture Junkie]
Sandra [Fresh Ink Books ]
Jaime [ Confessions of a Bibliophile]
Gautami [ Reading Room]
Bethany [ B&B ex Libris]

I am done searching, if you would leave in the comments, the link to your revew of Matrimony, it would be fantastic :) and I will add it up to this list.

Now for the contest rules -
- Leave a comment [Yep! it is Simple!]
- I will give you 5 points if you tell me, where you met your Husband/boyfriend/the bestFriend :)!
Not entering for the giveaway? But I would LOVE to anyways hear about it :)

As almost all my blogging friends, have read and reviewed this awesome book, I would love it if you can spread the word about this giveaway; so that people who have NOT read it can have a chance to Win :) And this giveaway is open Internationally :) YES!

Thanks Josh, for this wonderful opportunity! And thank You sending me a signed copy [ You will also get a SIGNED copy ;) hopefully ]
And thank you Alea, for the giveaway where I won this Lovely Lvoely book.

That's it! This will end on Dec 8th, so you have plenty of time!

Here is a video in which Josh talks about Matrimony -

So what you waiting for ?! Wish me luck ;) and enter ;)

Remember to,



Michele at Reader's Respite said...


This is such a nice giveaway (don't enter me...it's in my pile to be read). Somebody is going to be very lucky!

3M said...

Happy Birthday, Veens!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than reading the words 'Open internationally' :)

Please enter me.
As far as the answer goes. I met my boyfriend on Orkut. He scraped me and I knew he was a friend of my best friend, so I gave some lame reply. We scraped back and both for a month about general things. And then one day he mailed me. Again, we went back and forth via mails and one fine day he called me from Indonesia (he was on a business visit).

And then we spoke on the phone everyday for an hour atleast fro about a month. And FINALLY, we met. And he was exactly as I expected him to be. All that and more :)

We want to get married but my parents are not agrreable because of the caste issues. I am sure, being an Indian, you kow what that is like. But we hope to win them over eventually.

And yes, Happy Birthday in advance :)

jaime said...

Happy birthday Veens! (No need to enter me, of course :-) )

Priya Iyer said...

happy birthday, veens! many many happy returns of the day... i hav this book on my to-read list, thanks to you! :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Happy birthday!

Josh Henkin sent me over here; I'm listing a bunch of his giveaways on my Win a Book Blog. It's nice to meet you and there's no need to enter me for this.

If you do more contests, feel free to drop us a note. We're all about connecting readers and books.

Sara said...

Please enter me! I met my husband on a date with another guy! He was persistent...
Sararush at hotmail dot com

AmandaSue said...

Happy birthday! And this sounds like a really good book I'd love to be entered thanks! As for where I met my husband (well he's my exhusband now lol) I met him through friends who thought we'd click so they sneakly tried to set us up.

jessi said...

Happy birthday, Veens! I would love to get my hands on a copy of that book, but as I have no boyfriend or husband, you'll have to settle for hearing about how I met my best friend, Fran. The shortish version: I had a huge crush on this guy named Adam, and she was dating Adam's best friend, Matt. Whenever our group got together, it usually happened that she and I were the only females in attendance. We discovered that we had gobs in common (including, but not limited to, a love of reading, Star Wars, karaoke, and Joss Whedon) and ended up hanging out without the boys as well. Our friendship has lasted longer than her relationship did, and even though I (sadly) didn't get the guy, I managed to snag a pretty kick-ass BFF. :)

иidhi S said...

A very Very great Birthday to You!

yeah yeah i know...m a bit late and dat ws nt becaouse i forgot..just because i was thinking it was day before.

Wow...i would love you to enter me in the giveaway.. if I am eleigible.

I met my best friend in school, and to tell you the truth i hated her from the very start, and the trivial issue being her stealing my bench partner from me, and i had to sit all alone for quite a while, i used to be all too rude to her, but then one day dat controversial bench partner was on leave and we had to sit together and yes, i dunno how it all started but yeah we just hit it off. and to this date she's been my best friend.

About My boy-friend, or rather a friend whos a boy (as you very well know m not in a relationship), i would say, as usual all my stories start with me picking up fights, so i was in my regular mood of not being too friendly with a stranger who on the other hand was trying to be too friendly too soon, reason being i dint want to give him "ideas". well but then initially he dint back off, and my made up cover of unfriendliness just vanished.
He's given me great and happy times. Someone who listens to all my bickering and just anything that i have to say. i just wish we dont end up with bitter feelings :)

иidhi S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alea said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you are doing this contest :D Hope you have lots of fun with it!

LazyDaisy0413 said...

Happy Birthday Veens!

I'd love to read this book. Please enter me.

I met my husband at work. We didn't hit it off right away, but that was 10 years ago and we've been together ever since. Some things take time.

Bookfool said...

I've read and reviewed this one, as well. I really enjoyed it. Please don't add me -- and Happy Birthday! Sorry so slow. :)

Wrighty - said...

I keep hearing how good this book is and I'm anxious to read it. I met my husband in high school. He had just moved here and we were reading a play in English class. He got the part of my husband. And 6 years later he got the part of being my real husband. 22 years later we're still married.

Thanks for your contest and happy birthday!

Serena said...

No need to enter me because I have this one...but...


Ramya said...

belated birthday wishes!:) hope you had a good birthday!:) I have been trying to win matrimony forever..so let me see if your blog's lucky for me.:)
(which obviously means, enter me!)
My husband and I had an arranged marriage.. and now coming to think of it, it feels like I have known him all my life..:) it is surprising that I didn't know him 5 years ago:)

Nely said...

I'm not sure if I'm still in time to sign up for your giveaway, but it'd be great to win a copy of your book :)

My hubby and I met when we were 15. We worked at the same place for a couple of months and then went our separate ways. We met up again when I was 19 and the rest is history. Nothing has kept us apart since then <3

Oh, and happy belated birfday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to ALL for entering.. the contest is open till 8th Dec. There is still time for you all to enter!

Joshua Henkin said...

Thanks to everyone for entering, and congratulations (and happy holidays) to Jessi, our lucky winner! I wanted to let you all know that I've been participating in a lot of book group discussions of MATRIMONY, and I'd be delighted to participate with your book group. Also, a special offer to Veens's giveaway entrants: if your book group chooses MATRIMONY, send me an email at Jhenkin [at] SLC [dot] edu with the date and location of the book group meeting where you'll be discussing MATRIMONY, and I'll send you a free signed copy of the book.

Best wishes,


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