I am a WORM!

So I got awarded by this bookworm Award, thanks Gautami :-) and thanks S. Krishna [ I love her name! That's my FAV God in her name ;) ] and also Priya
It's my first AWARD on this blog - so everyone please congratulate me :D

Of course this award comes with a MEME too :D And that's again my FIRST MEME! LOL! this is a post of "firsts" innit ??
This is what you got to do -

Open the closest book to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following.

"All that remains is to fix the times. I suppose lunch will be over by two-thirty......Incidentally I'm not going into lunch myself".
"No, Sir?"
"No, I can't face that gang, I shall remain out there. Bring me some sandwiches and a half bot of the best."
"Very good, Sir."

ok, Now I thought I would do a quiz here! :D Yah !!

I want you guys to GUESS which book this is from :-) [ No! it is not on the right hand side bar :D]
Hints -
* this book is in the 1001 list of books to read before you die!
* it is a very fun, funny and lovely book :)
* the author's name [ not initials] starts with 'W'
* my fav character's name from this book starts with 'J'

That's it! Now let's start the guessing game! :)

Let's see how many of you have read this book :)

***** UPDATE ******

And here is the ANSWER to this QUIZ!
Wodehouse PG is the Author - Damn cool guy! OMG! I can't keep the smile off my face, when I read the conversation between him and Jeeves!
And YES!! Jeeves is my favorite character :)

I will definitely pick up all other titles of this great great author! and Yes definitely time to announce the winner ... oops sorry - Winners -
Both of them are my real - cool - fabulous Friends :)

Congruuaatttsss to you too, of course there are NO gifts! :D Sorry about that ;)

Now, you can tell me, if you guys have read this? If not, read it! I swear you will enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it!


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naida said...

Great award :)
I have no clue where those lines are from though...lol


bethany said...

yay for you!!

what do you think of the samosa recipes on my blog??? I am making Dal right now, I think I am making it my own way a little, since i am making it with green lentils instead of red. I have a huge bag of green that I needed to use up. I am Indian food obsessed right now! :)

Ramya said...

i have no clue! hmm.. can't wait for you to reveal your answer:)

pink dogwood said...


Suma said...


just guessing...


and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! happy reading

Anonymous said...

Suma -- DAMN YOU WON :D heheh!

--xh-- said...

you gave lot of clues... Itz Jeevs and PGW :-D

and congratz for the award...

Anonymous said...

Naida! Thanks!

Bethany- Thanks.. I m coming over to your blog and commenting there ;)

Ramya - :) see see! I told you... Concentrate :D :D

Pink, thanks!

Suma :)

Anonymous said...

XH! :D:D You got it right ;)

This contest is closed.
2 of my very cool friends XH and Suma - gave the right answers!

Sathej said...

Jeeves and Wodehouse? Just started reading Wodehouse. Seems nice indeed:)

Suma said...

haha...the W and J were great clues! :D

tho i spent some time searching for the 1001 list, just to be sure...but could not find your list...

this book for free said...

Hey, thanks for linking. I hope you come and visit often.

Anonymous said...

Sathej, just seconds difference LOL! But thanks for taking part :)

Suma :) of course LOL! ohh !! thanks for reminding me i will put up a link :)

this book for free, ofcourse :) thanks!

Alea said...

I was going to guess a Jeeves book by the language and i also saw you were reading it recently! I've never read one but i'd like to!

Ramya said...

i'm hitting my head here.. guess i just didnt think too much.. how obvious!:) i love wodehouse books!:)
btw, i tagged you for a meme in my blog. check it out!

Trish said...

Congratulations Veens!! Now that I know this is your first award and meme, I'll be tagging you in the future...watch out lady! :)

jessi said...

Congrats on the award! Thank You, Jeeves is on my 1% Well-Read Challenge list. I love Wodehouse. :)

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