BTT and Me Wishes YOU - Happy Thanksgiving :)

BTT Question on Thanksgiving

So–just for today–how about sharing 7 things that you’re thankful for?
OK I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I am anyways celebrating it being in company of so many wonderful people here who celebrate :) So to you all, one and ALL, HAPPY HAPPY Thanksgiving -- I think all of your Turkey's are yummilicious.. and I wanna turn Non-Veg to just have the privilege of tasting eith y'all!

ok Back to the question, I am thankful for
  1. my freaking, idiotic, not-too-much stressed luxurious NORMAL [ in my own sweet way] life
  2. my family, my boyfriend, my friends and everyone, who are just there for me ;)
  3. not being dead in a terrorist attack. After the terrorist bombing and the most shocking of the terrorist attack of yesterday, I am thankful that no one that I know - my family, friends are hurt and are safe.
  4. lovely home to live and lovely place, my city - Mysore. For having the luxury of going to different parts of my country and knowing the places. For being able to talk and understand different languages- so as to be able to interact :)
  5. my Job.
  6. the belief that I have in me and my family and mu friends
  7. for You, who is reading this- it would have been pretty boring writing this and not being read ;) [You know what I mean .. dontcha? :D ]
For life and it's numerous gifts, for air to breath, for clean water to drink, for love and for me ... I am thankful to God Almighty. For a chance to thank HIM, I thank HIM everyday :)

Happy Thanksgiving :)
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Anonymous said...

Hey Veens,
I'm grateful you're okay, too... I was thinking about you when I heard of the terrorist attacks.

And I'm grateful you speak multiple languages, too! ;-)

Joanne said...

Wonderful list, they are all such important things. It is so good to hear that you and your family are safe and okay!

Anonymous said...

Love this look!

Dar said...

Veens, I'm grateful you and your family and friends are safe and well too.

Serena said...

I am happy to hear that your family is safe! I loved the Gobble til you wobble graphic...very cute and funny...I giggled.

Shana said...

Veens, glad you're safe!

Love the new (newish?) blog design!


Red lady-Bonnie said...

Veens-What a great list! I am so glad that you and your family, friends are safe. I have been thinking of you since I heard about the attacks. I love the new look of your blog!

Bookish Ruth said...

I've been following the news about the terrorist attack in Mumbai. All of the U.S. cable news stations have been covering it extensively. It was horrible watching the Taj burn, it's such a beautiful building...

I'm so thankful that you are all right!

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