Spine breaker?

This week @ 'Booking through Thursday', the question is - 
Are you a spine breaker? Or a dog-earer? Do you expect to keep your books in pristine condition even after you have read them? Does watching other readers bend the cover all the way round make you flinch or squeal in pain?

Nope I am not; I love to keep my books in the condition I got them in. 
And even if I accidently get something on them - I HATE it !

But there was a period in time. when I was younger, I marked the lines that I loved. I still want to do it, but just that I don't like to destroy the book. 

And that I expect the same thing from whoever uses my books too. :-)

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Alea said...

I hate when I accidently hurt my books, I feel so bad!

Anonymous said...

me too .. Big time :(

Anonymous said...

You know, I hate when I get creased paperbacks. I use trading sites like Book Mooch. When I send one in, it's always in mint condition. I wish others would do the same. Ya know?

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