A Chronicle of a Death Foretold

When talking about Latin American writers, Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold' is a must read. Thought for me it was a part of my curriculum, but i recommend this one book, because this one has got it all - suspense, drama, tragedy...

The book as the name says is a chronicle of events that go by in a span of a single day, but flashes between past, present and future.
Its a story of a guy who sets out to find out the truth behind a murder in the name to keep one's family's honor. Does he finally finds out the truths or rather ends up getting convinced by the story that has been doing the rounds.

"Is a lie, said to save one's pride and honor, justified, even if it costs someone his life?"

"How can a foretold death, not be avoided?"

The author plays really well with the timing. Check this one out guys. Its a must read. This one will actually move you.


I got "Veronika Decides to Die", this weekend, it has actually left me thinking a lot.


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Anonymous said...


I’m a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He’s the first best-selling author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Wanted to drop by and ask a question. Have you tried to request books from the Mini Book Bloggers Expo yet to read and review?

Serena said...

I have not read this book,but it is now on my TBR list at good reads...thanks for another great recommendation.

Anonymous said...

J Kaye, I did- and they said i have two 2 books - but nothing has arrived yet :(

Anonymous said...

Give it time. You live a far distance. I don't really and it took a LONG time for me to get a couple of the books.

That said, I am thrilled you have a place to get books to review! Isn't that exciting?

Anonymous said...

i was very thrilled - when i found out that i could really get books to review!

and i really loved the site for that reason :D

i keep tabs on whats coming with e worldwide tag :))

Thanks J Kaye- for showing so much interest for my cause! u know u r so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Nidhi, I have never read his books at all - the notion in my mind is that they are all slow and would bore me :)
but at your recommendation - i will put this into my TBR list

--xh-- said...

I agree with u 100%, Nidhi. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my fav authors and all his books r a treat to read... good review...

иidhi S said...

@ j. kaye

well now that i hav ecome to knw abt it..i'll surely do that. its amazing to knw that we can actually get books to review.

иidhi S said...

@ serena

Anytime. :)

иidhi S said...

@ Veena

well its a must read, thats gr8 to knw u have actually thought abt reading it.

иidhi S said...

@ XH

oh u have read him?
thanx. have u read this one?

gautami tripathy said...

I read Marquez like crazy!

S. Krishna said...

I've only read One Hundred Years of Solitude, but I want to read more Marquez. Thanks for the review!

иidhi S said...

@ Gautamy

u'll luv dis one too.

иidhi S said...

@ s. krishna

anytime. :)

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