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Ramya @ Ramya's Bookshelf tagged me for the book edition of the seven random facts meme. Here are seven totally random facts about me and books.
Click here to read her "absolutely" lovely list of 7 random things :)

So here we go

  1. When I was a kid, after an year at school, we got a month's holiday and in those holiday's me and my family went to visit my granny and grandpa and other relatives in Kerala, India :)! It was a 3 day long train trip, which I used to just LOVE... why, you ask?! Because daddy, would buy me loads of Tinkle, Archie and such books for the trip. And I would read, read and read :) That's where it all started ;)
  2. I never give away my books for keepsakes :)!! I always - always demand my books back from my friends back LOL! The only exception is the book "Matrimony by Joshua Henkin" that I gifted to Priya, [as she couldn't find a copy anywhere] as a matrimony gift.
  3. When I was a kid, I was the only girl in my class, who had read almost all books in my school library for my age kids :) My library card had no space to jot down the books that I took on a daily basis :) I used to read Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton, Famous Five, Secret Seven .. and what not :) Loved those books :)
  4. I love Harry Potter series :) Bot I only own Half blood Prince :) I read the first part at my home-town, without really knowing what it was. But I got pretty addicted to it really soon. And within a week had read the 1st 3 books. My cousin has them all. And I have only one :( ! someday I will have all 7 :) !! And I have not YET read the last book in the series :(
  5. [This one is a copy from Ramya] I don't like audio books :) and I very-rarely read e-books :) I have some old books in pdf version, which I have started but not yet completed. I will always prefer the books :)!! I know about the "cutting-of-the-trees" thing, but you can always use paper made from other stuff also.
  6. I love buying books as gifts :) and i lvoe receiving them as gifts LOL! Now this is evident right? ") !! and I love to OWN every book I read. Every "damn" book I love, I should OWN :)
  7. Last one... umm! It is my dream to have the luxury of reading whatever and whenever I want :) I want to be a "house-wife" for that reason [and many others :)] ! I want someday to have a lovely library, with responsible people reading books taken from MY library :) !! I hate people who destroy MY books LOL!
  8. OK this is a bonus one -- which I HAD to tell you :) My beau, hates reading LOL! But he is sucha sweetheart, that he buys me whatever books I want ;) [ whenever I go short on ym funds :) :D]
Now to TAG! I know most of my bookblog friends have done this me-me already :) If anyone of ou have NOT done it, please consider yourself TAGGED [ YES! You are TAGGED] and please let me know if you do, do it :)


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Serena said...

Veens: I have to tell you that you are not alone! my hubby hates reading as well, but he lets me read and even contributes to the addiction.

Ramya said...

my husband HATES to read as well..and he totally cannot understand my obsession with books..:) so i guess we are all in the same boat here:) and looks like we have a lot of similarities!:)
3 day trip to kerala? where do you live?

Anonymous said...

Serena, ohh wow! and I thought mine was the only one :)

But they are really nice to NOT say anything against the reading :)

Anonymous said...

Ramya, :) I am so glad I m not alone :) We used to live in UP till 99. And we could only goto kerala by Train :)

Now we live in Mysore :)

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