Well... here I AM! all teary-eyed :D looking like a MONSTER !

Check out the PICS and make a GUESS!

AHHHAAA!! Veens got this AWESOME bookmark from Jill [aka SoftDrink ] for participating in the Read-a-thon!!!!

She mailed it to me from California, with a beatiful CARD :) I am so so so TOUCHED.

I had actually asked Jill, if it was too costly to send a bookmark to me... she could send it to someone who participated in Read-a-thon!! But she was so sweet, she send it to ME! I feel so GOOD! TOP OF THE WORLD kinds!

Thanks Jill, you were the best Cheer-leader... and I am so so so Glad, that I did participate in the read-a- thon.


I will also take this opportunity to thank DEWEY, for organizing the Read-a-thon :-)
I won a guest-post at her BLOG :) but I didn't redeem it :) I felt not at all good-enough to be there, on her blog :) !
And I also won a copy of Dewey's book :-D ! That I am soooooper-excited about! I want I want!!!


Because of Read-a-thon, I have really found some COOL logs- and you can see me there more often than on my OWN blog :D !!



  • All bloggers who come and comment on my blog :) !! It is absolutely SWEET of you guys to do that.
  • Special MENTION are not ALLOWED lol! But you know Veens :D ! Thanks Bethany - you WERE the FIRST I found through Book Blogs :)! You know how much I love BOTH of your blogs :)
  • Special Thanks to J Kaye, I never formally thanked you for putting my blog in the lime-light; and for being so sweet to comment here :)
  • You can see the BLOGs I absolutely never miss to see - on the left-hand side here :D
  • Thanks to Alea and Dar - you guys gave me my moments of unprecendeted exaggerated pleasure of winning :D I think my lady luck has drained after that, I didn't win anything :'( ... but I am so happy for winning twice!
  • Thanks to Gautami, for being the REASON why I am here...blogging about books. And again to be so so so sweet to offer me to have any number of books from her :) You don't get such sweet people on planet earth do u?!
And thanks to each of you who keep international giveaways :D keeping ME in mind :) !!

I thank God almighty for making me Give reading a Chance :-)

I truly, whole-heartedly OWE each one of you LOADS! and I can re-pay you ALL with only this SMALL thank you note :)

Thanks Jill! I am so so so TOUCHED!

Thanks to each one of you for making my DAY!

and thanks to Nidhi, my freind ... my sister [ not in blood but in life ] for just being there on this blog wth me! :)


gautami tripathy said...

I am happy for you, girl!

Winning books feels good, doesn't it?!

And thanks for the mention! Glad I could inspire you to book blog!

Anonymous said...

Gautami -- pfaf! u r not supposed to THANK ME! I m thanking u :))

It feels so so GOOD - to have you as a friend :)

Sandra said...

How nice for you. And you were a great cheerleader during the read-a-thon too.

Anonymous said...

That is too neat! And you were awesome during Read-a-thon!

Dar said...

Veens, how awesome and you deserve it-you were quite the cheerleader! I hope you'll win some more in the future-I'm sure you will. You're such a happy, positive influence especially on my blog-I love visiting you and having you visit!

Care said...

Yes, you were an awesome cheerleader during the read-a-thon. This was fun to read. Your exuberance is catching.

bethany said...

awwwwe you are the sweetest!!!!

It is all my blessing to know you.

You and Jill were my greatest cheerleaders, you were a pro girl!


Anonymous said...

Sandra, thanks girl! I m really happy you think so!

Anonymous said...

J Kaye - :) thank u thank u !

Anonymous said...

ohh Dar - ohh so so thanks!
it is so sweet of you to say such good things :-)

I love your blog too :) and you know I love your recommendations too :)

Anonymous said...

Care, thanks a LOT! :)

Anonymous said...

Bethany , how really sweet of you :) Jill was fantaboulous! no doubt :)

I am so so so so happy knowing you :)

Đžidhi S said...

That was really so sweet of Jill..

and soo very sweet of you to credit so many people and to top it "me" who's like on and off. I'll try to be more regular with my reviews and posts.
and love you always. :) muah.

Trish said...

Veens - you have put a big fat gigantic smile on my face. Your enthusaism is absolutley infectious! I love it!! And we're glad you joined our crazy book world. :)

Alea said...

YAY! I love all the love! And I really like your new background :D

Anonymous said...

Nidhi ...muaaahh!

Anonymous said...

Trish - u r so sweet!! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Alea- ((LOVE))
Thanks girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Veens! I'm finally catching up on blogs and emails!
You're too cute...I love how excited you get over a single bookmark. :-D
Did you know I give away a book every week? I randomly pick one commenter and they get to choose from my pile of previously read books. Your comments are definitely included in the weekly drawing...if you ever win, I'll mail you a book.

Anonymous said...

Jill - AT LAST!!!!

I was like maybe this is not the softdrink girl I know!! As you didn't comment for such a long time :(

BUt thankssssssssss! Hw really really NICE and SWEET you to count me in for the books too!

It is NOT JUST the bookmark - it is the thought behind it... thanks a LOT! :)

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