I want to get this! it is in MY LUST LIST!

AHHHHHAAAA! this is one book all JKR fans are waiting for!! Are you waiting for it?
Want to get it?!
yes yes! I want to get it too! :D
So come on, lets all RUN to Bookish Ruth's place and say PLEASE ENTER ME!!
I am doing this to get all of 7 entries LOL! :D
I hope some (**(magic)**) happens and moi wins :D

Remember to,



Bookish Ruth said...

Good luck Veens! Thanks so much for linking my giveaway. :)

Dar said...

This is on my Lust List too!

Ramya said...

hmm.. not a fan of rowling and i didnt really like the final few books of the Harry Potter series.. don't know if i should go and try to win myself this one.. hmm...

Anonymous said...

Bookish Ruth, the reason is totally a selfish one :D thanks for visiting here :)

Anonymous said...

Dar, YAY! I found someone who is waiting for it too!

Anonymous said...

Ramya, never hurts to giv the author another chance :)
if u dnt like it.. u can always gift the copy to me :D

Đžidhi S said...

oh man i m dying to get my hands over this one

Anonymous said...


Random Books from my TBR pile

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