Short Story Review 5: Looters by Laura Jamison // BLOG ACTION DAY

Looters by Laura Jamison is the Story of the week at Narrative Magazine
The story is about the friendship between Denise and Gwen. They were both trying to be journalists when they met each other in 1989. After which they became roommates.  They had lot in common but were totally different people altogether.

It was true that they had a lot in common, but really Denise grew toward and around Gwen, like a vine seeking the sun and finding, on its way, a dependably lovely stake to curl around

Gwen came from an affluent family, and even when she worked for the newspapers part-time for no money, her parents filled her bank account with enough to live lavishly. She was a fun-person who always went ahead and talked to 'weird' people about 'weird' things. On the other hand, Denise had to struggle, struggle a lot for herself. And so Denise kind of started believing - 

If she could just imitate Gwen’s ways—act like someone who expected nothing but laughs and gifts from the world—maybe she could fool fate.
Of course like every other friendship, there too had problems. And this is a story about how relationships start to dwindle. How problem's, that were never problem's before start to rock the cozy boat of angelic perception. 

It is a good story, I really identified with Gwen and Denise's relationship a lot. It reminded me off, my younger days too.  I hope you guys get around reading this one; because it is as if you tread those roads of friendships that you would want to not remember, but eventually you feel good about it too, it might have happened to you too, as it has happened to me. 
And like Denise, I too wonder sometimes, if I would have done anything differently, but it is now too late to care!

I actually like Laura Jamison's style. It held my attention [ which has a very short-span] and I wanted to see, what happens next all the time. It is a good story, come read it here!

On an aside, it is -

On October 15th bloggers everywhere will publish posts that discuss poverty in some way. By all posting on the same day we aim to change the conversation that day, to raise awareness, start a global discussion and add momentum to an important cause.

So lets us also JOIN! Please sign up and promote this day on your blogs. Spread the awareness. Let's be the change, that we want to see! Let's do our single-penny of good to combat poverty!! a little always counts in a BIG WAY! My mom always says, if you put 1 Re and 1 Re together it grows to 2 Re and everntually WILL become 100 too. So lets do ur tiny bit and help in whatever way possible!

I am reading 'the road to lost innocence' a Memoir by Somanly Mam; which has touched me in ways I can't explain! I hope to write a review about it today.
I hope bloggers unite for this cause, today is the day - 15th! Lets unite !


Anonymous said...

I loved the Somaly Mam autiobiography! It's still resonating with me -- few books really ready a person to take action, but hers really did. Adding you to my RSS feeds!

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping my my blog and reminding me of the read a thon. I have a big pile of book ready to be read for it. :-)

Random Books from my TBR pile

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