I am waiting Lady, pick me up please!

What tomes are waiting patiently on your shelves?

Ohh!! so many! 

Actually, I recently found out that I have a kind of addiction to books! OK I know it is way too common, but mine is of different kind. I like to pile books, irrespective of them being new-releases or old. And I love to OWN the books i read!! This is an expensive addiction to say the least, and mostly ends me with little money for my other hobbies[ which by the way thankfully are none ]

So this question is as if made-for-me kinds! To remind me maybe, of the to-be-read book list of my shelves!

The one's that I recently bought are there, but those I will be reading in the next few months! Apart from them, there are a few books that I have collected from my uncle, which I wanted to read.. but have not read them YET! **sigh**! So here is the list of books waiting for me, since the time I ransacked my uncle's 'book-box' [ that must be before 2002 :( ]

I am glad for your patience, and I promise you today; that I will be picking you guys up pretty soon!! And never leave you un-read for someone else!


--xh-- said...

forsyth is a master in weaving thrillers... hv u read The Day Of The Jackal?

Anonymous said...

I have not read any of his book yet XH!

now u r inspiring me to pick t up :-)


Dewey said...

Veens, I just got your comment, and I want to tell you that we really do need two reminders! There are so many people to remind. If you could email untuneric at gmail and see how you two could split up the reminding, I would appreciate it so much! Sorry I forgot to put your name in there as a reminder, but I didn't forget you were doing it. :)

Bluestocking said...

Here is my post. I haven't heard of those.

What's Sitting on Your Shelf

My Two Blessings said...

I'll admit also to being a book addict and buying all my books. That way I can keep them.

Posted early too!

Robin of mytwoblessings

Cathy said...

Not only can you keep them, you can read them whenever you want without worrying about late fees!

Smilingsal said...

I find a sense of security in having books waiting for me. I think I have too much security, however!

Shana @ Literarily said...

Veens, I like to own the books I read too. And then I like to keep them after I finish. I'm trying to do better though!

gautami tripathy said...

I like Forsyth.

Book Zombie (Joanne) said...

I too share your love of owning books, somedays it is overwhelming :)

Anonymous said...

I love to own books too, and your right, it's rather expensive but I think worth it in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad that books have so much patience while they wait to be read? I wouldn't want mine to rebel against me... they outnumber me by 100 to 1! ;)

Random Books from my TBR pile

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