I am off ofr a break!
here is the list -

i just found out my name is not ther ein the cheer-leaders list **sigh! but i m anyways cheering :-) 

i totally word-verification :-/ argghhh!!!!

and i hate when i cant see my comment too :(


will be back in some hours to chk on you alls status!
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Alessandra said...

Thank you for doing such a great job at cheerleading and organizing the read-a-thon!

Lizzie said...

Thanks for helping with the Read-a-Thon!

shelburns said...

Thanks for the reminder about the read-a-thon. It got me excited to get started!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for cheering us all on! You're doing a great job!

heather (errantdreams) said...

I just wanted to thank you for dropping by the other day to remind me of the 'thon! *hug*

Wendy said...

You're awesome for spending time cheering people on! Thank you!

CCDPiper said...

Thank you for doing such a great job!

sprite said...

Hooray for the cheerleading and for the organizing!

jessi said...

Thanks for all the encouragement, and thanks for doing such a great job with organizing the 'thon! :) Enjoy your break - I'm sure you've earned it.

Nise' said...

Enjoy your well deserved break!

bethany said...

you are an awesome cheerleader!!!!!! Thanks so much for all your encouragement :)


Go, Go .....GO Veens!!!

(how's that? I know...I am not a professional like you! :)

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo for the organizers!

And I'm so with you on the word verification. Ugh.

bethany said...

you are ripping it up!!! you are awesome, thanks for cheering me!!!

oh, and my hair is dreaded. It is still that way, it just looks different from the front. The dreads are not as tight, the back is much tighter. But you are right I have had them for a year.

Thanks again for your cheers!! you have no idea how happy it makes me!

Anonymous said...

aww! I am so freaking GLAD.. that so many people have come to thank me :D i feel GOOD!


okay... i m not doing any organizing ;) i m jus here to make u guys READ! now everyone READ! :S :D:D

thanks for everything..this is FUN!

bethany said...

I am writing an update now :)

Don't worry about me girl, it is just from the caffeine :) you are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I so understand how you feel about the word verification. I have stopped commenting on blogs with it. It's too much trouble. And my thoughts are if the bloggers wanted more comments, then they should make it easy for us to do so. Ya know?

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