Guess what?!

Guess who knocked on my doors today?!

Guess who I have been waiting to meet?! :-)

OK !! after reading awesome reviews about Sarah Dessen all over! I decided to get a book by her :o)

and i am participating in the Sarah Dessen's challenge too; that is to read --2-- books by her!!
thanks to Becky :o)

SO I am super excited now!! and can't wait to finish 'God of small things'!! :0)

By the way, ain't Read-a-thon on this 18th? if I am not wrong?! I am the 'reminder' ;) I go about reminding people about it :D

Yay!! so mine was a happy day!! Hope all of yours was equally wonderful :-)

Photocredit - who else?! Veens herdelf :)


Dar said...

That's awesome Veens! I have heard good things about Sarah Dessen but have not read anything by her yet. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL cover! And I love your new look!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dar :-) Will let you know, if I like the book!! :-)

J Kaye, thanks! Oh! I love the cover too :o) But was a little disappointed, I didn't get the one on Amazon ;) But this one is ALSO beautiful :)

bethany said...

I too love the cover, I really can't wait to know what you think about it!

Alea said...

I really like this version of the cover!

Anonymous said...

thanks Bethany! :=) i will be reading ti soon

Alea, thanks me too!

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